Giants’ Grave of Sa Domu ’e s’Orku


Yet another site on high ground, reaching for the sky. Yet another giants’ grave – and a quite monumental one. Its front consists of a semi-circular exedra built in courses of large stones, a type more often found in the south of the island. An interesting architectural feature is that the stone blocks of the three base courses forming the exedra are smaller than those of the upper courses. The external structure shows why these ancient burials are often compared in shape to an ‘upended boat’. The burial chamber is also built in stone: the roof consists of huge slabs resting directly on the walls. It was used for collective burials, but no fragments of human bone have been found. The reason for this is almost certainly that the monument was reused for different purposes in later times. Built some time round 1600 BC, it was still frequented sporadically in Punic and Roman times. But it has even yielded a few Savoy coins dating from the early 1800s. Life really does take over all available spaces

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