Monte Sirai


Our journey aims at discovering the nuraghic period; it is a search for remains which speak to us of that world. One of these testimonials is Monte Sirai, an urban settlement not far from the present-day town of Carbonia. The word ‘urban’ marks the novelty of this site. The nuraghic world was typically made up of villages, whereas Monte Sirai may be called a town. We are on the summit of a wide plateau, which gives an all-embracing view over the surrounding territory. From here, we can see other important archaeological sites, the main one being the urban settlement of Sulky, today’s Sant’Antioco, from which the people who founded Monte Sirai might have come. The area of Monte Sirai was already inhabited in the Neolithic age, and later in the nuraghic period. This was a place of great strategic importance. An area rich in mining resources, it had several nuraghic settlements which were still inhabited at the time of the foundation of the city. The main one is the Nuraghe Sirai, situated not far from the plateau, which has yielded important evidence of the meeting and blending of the nuraghic and Phoenician peoples, reminding us that then as now we are all of mixed blood, generated by the meeting of different human beings and cultures. Archaeological data tell us that the city was founded by the Phoenicians around the mid-8th century and was then occupied by the Carthaginians around 550 BC and finally by the Romans after 238 BC.

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