Archaeological Area of Nora  Pula - Cagliari

To date, our forays outside the time and cultural boundaries of nuraghic civilisation have been limited to brief glances at what preceded that world, back in prehistory.

Area of the Nuraghe Genna Maria  Villanovaforru - Cagliari

This monument and the archaeological area where it stands provide a precious learning experience. This is largely due to the presence next to the archaeological area of a museum.

Bruncu Madugui  Gesturi - Cagliari

The plateau known as ‘Giara di Gesturi’ is a special place from many points of view. Ours is that of archaeology. Its slopes are dotted with remains from various periods, bearing witness to many centuries of human presence.

Giants’ Grave of Sa Domu ’e s’Orku  Siddi - Cagliari

Yet another site on high ground, reaching for the sky. Yet another giants’ grave – and a quite monumental one. Its front consists of a semi-circular exedra built in courses of large stones, a type more often found in the south of the island.

Monte Sirai  Carbonia - Cagliari

Our journey aims at discovering the nuraghic period; it is a search for remains which speak to us of that world. One of these testimonials is Monte Sirai, an urban settlement not far from the present-day town of Carbonia.

Necropolis of Montessu  Villaperuccio - Cagliari

The place we are about to visit truly deserves this name: it’s made up of about forty ‘domus de janas’ – ‘houses of the fairies’ according to popular parlance – dug out of the rock in a natural amphitheatre of great beauty.

Nuraghe Su Mulinu  Villanovafranca - Cagliari

All around the nuraghe is vast, open countryside. We breathe deeply as we move towards the monument. And then we finally come close to it. It is not easy to ‘read’ its structure, as it was repeatedly altered over the centuries.

Nuraghe Su Nuraxi  Barumini - Cagliari

The social imaginary needs places to exist; it creates them and then feeds on them. One of these places is Barumini, and in that place stands Su Nuraxi, its mythical heart, live and pulsing.

Pranu Muttedu  Goni - Cagliari

Once again we move beyond the strict boundaries of the nuraghic period, which is the focus of our journey. We throw a glance farther back in time because just as we all have a history so did the nuraghic peoples.

Tempio a pozzo di Sant’Anastasìa  Sardara - Cagliari

Dare una definizione del concetto di ‘sacro’ non è semplice. L’archeologia si confronta infatti con molteplici manifestazioni materiali che ne rappresentano una sorta di concrezione fisica.


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