Area of Santa Vittoria  Serri - Nuoro

Historians often tell us that religious-purpose buildings tended to be located in high places which formed a sort of natural altar. It’s certainly difficult to say how real the connection between height and sacredness is from a rational standpoint.

Monte Sirai  Carbonia - Cagliari

Our journey aims at discovering the nuraghic period; it is a search for remains which speak to us of that world. One of these testimonials is Monte Sirai, an urban settlement not far from the present-day town of Carbonia.

Pranu Muttedu  Goni - Cagliari

Once again we move beyond the strict boundaries of the nuraghic period, which is the focus of our journey. We throw a glance farther back in time because just as we all have a history so did the nuraghic peoples.

The Village of Serra Orrios  Dorgali - Nuoro

In our journey, the meetings with the relics of the past prompt the eerie impression that Sardinia is still partly immersed in that ancient world. That its history is not entirely ‘history’ but is still living today. Just a feeling of course, and yet…

Village of Sa Sedda ‘e sos Carros  Oliena - Nuoro

We are in the territory of Oliena, enfolded in the timeless beauty of the Lanaittu valley. All around lush, burgeoning vegetation guards the traces left by human presence over the centuries, the ancient remains forming a harmonious unity with nature.

Village of Tiscali  Dorgali - Nuoro

L’area, che mostra oggi i segni del degrado, presenta due agglomerati di capanne di diversa planimetria, dimensione e funzione. Il primo agglomerato, formato da una quarantina di capanne, è situato nel settore N della cavità, in forte pendio.


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