Archaeological area of Monte Santu Antine  Genoni - Nuoro

Mentioned in the literature since the 19th century, the remains of the monumental complex of Santu Antine, in the municipal territory of Genoni, were excavated between 1980 and 1995.

Archaeological Area of Nora  Pula - Cagliari

To date, our forays outside the time and cultural boundaries of nuraghic civilisation have been limited to brief glances at what preceded that world, back in prehistory.

Archaeological Area of S’Urbale  Teti - Nuoro

Il villaggio nuragico di S’Urbale è situato nella regione del Mandrolisai su una collina vicino al paese di Teti e si estende per una superficie di 10.000 mq.

Area of Filigosa  Macomer - Nuoro

Aristotle reminds us that each reality has its roots deep in the past, or rather in ‘a’ past.

Area of Sa Carcaredda  Villagrande Strisaili - Nuoro

A temple, a village, four giants’ tombs: together, they form yet another architectural microcosm from the nuraghic period.

Area of Santa Vittoria  Serri - Nuoro

Historians often tell us that religious-purpose buildings tended to be located in high places which formed a sort of natural altar. It’s certainly difficult to say how real the connection between height and sacredness is from a rational standpoint.

Area of Tamuli  Macomer - Nuoro

What we call ‘culture’ is the sum of elements which form the world of each human being: the spaces of life and those of death. The settlements, the places of worship and the grave sites.

Area of the Nuraghe Genna Maria  Villanovaforru - Cagliari

This monument and the archaeological area where it stands provide a precious learning experience. This is largely due to the presence next to the archaeological area of a museum.

Bruncu Madugui  Gesturi - Cagliari

The plateau known as ‘Giara di Gesturi’ is a special place from many points of view. Ours is that of archaeology. Its slopes are dotted with remains from various periods, bearing witness to many centuries of human presence.

Complex of Palmavera  Alghero - Sassari

Ci troviamo in presenza di una delle aree archeologiche più note della Sardegna, occupata da un nuraghe complesso – due torri e antemurale – e da un villaggio.


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