Area of Sa Carcaredda

Villagrande Strisaili

A temple, a village, four giants’ tombs: together, they form yet another architectural microcosm from the nuraghic period.
The temple is especially interesting, due to features which set it apart from other monuments on the island. Its layout is of the ‘in antis’ type, that is with two extensions of the long walls beyond the entrance. The central chamber is round, in place of the usual square space.
A significant number of bronze objects have been recovered from this site, confirming its use for sacred rites. The village is currently barely visible and awaits more in-depth investigation.
Extremely interesting is also the giants’ tomb constructed with the dolmen technique. It is particularly imposing, and has a very large frontal exedra made with upright stone slabs fixed in the ground. The exedra has a projecting base course, a common element in many of these monuments. At the centre of the exedra once stood a large stone stele, of which two large pieces remain.

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