Giants’ Grave of Sa Domu ’e s’Orku  Siddi - Cagliari

Yet another site on high ground, reaching for the sky. Yet another giants’ grave – and a quite monumental one. Its front consists of a semi-circular exedra built in courses of large stones, a type more often found in the south of the island.

Seleni  Lanusei - Nuoro

In the pleasant wood of Selèni, the site of Gennaccili, near the town of Lanusei comprises the remains of a large settlement, including two giants’ graves (megalithic graves), a well and a group of stone huts set at the foot of a rocky outcrop where according to tradition a nuraghe once stood.

Tomba dei giganti Li Lolghi e Li Muri  Arzachena - Sassari

One of the distinctive traits of human beings is certainly the need to bury their dead. Thus, burial sites yield precious evidence about the lives and practices of their creators.


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