Sanctuary of S’Arcu ‘e Is Forros

Villagrande Strisaili

Our daily lives are punctuated by a variety of moments. The regular activities in which we engage determine the meaning of our time. The spiritual and the material dimensions often struggle for supremacy in our search for a meaningful life. This same dialectics is reproduced in our journey. And what we find in this place is the sacred dimension, in one of its most powerful forms.
The important complex of S’Arcu ‘e Is Forros consists of a great megaron temple and other religious buildings and dwellings; a short distance away is a three-towered nuraghe. The megaron temple was in all likelihood the focus of the settlement’s activities. It consists of three chambers, the last of which held a basin and numerous slabs with holes showing traces of lead, which was poured to hold in place votive bronze figures. The temple was constructed in two phases. An enclosure (‘temenos’), lined with bench seats, surrounded the rectangular temple.
The stone huts built round the ‘temenos’ were also linked to the rites held in the temple.
Archaeologists have dated this complex to the period between the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age (1200 – 800 BC), at which time a fire destroyed the village completely.

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