Nuraghe Is Paras


According to philosopher Emilio Garroni, creativity may take two forms: the ability to apply an existing rule to new situations; or the capacity to create new rules when the existing ones prove to be ineffective or inadequate. The architecture developed by the nuraghic people seems to combine both types of creativity. The nuraghe was introduced as a new architectural ‘rule’, which was then revisited and adapted ‘creatively’ in response to local conditions. The Is Paras nuraghe is one such response, one of the most successful and fascinating. It stands close to the small town of Isili. It is a complex nuraghe, consisting of a keep partly incorporated into a fortress comprising three towers linked by curtain walls and enclosing a courtyard, protected on the eastern side by an outer wall. The keep had two floors, of which only the lower one is still extant, with ‘tholos’ corbelled roof. As we behold this structure, we remain speechless, entranced. The beauty of this building is a gift handed down to us by the past; 11.80 m in height; the staircase opens up at 5.25 m inside the chamber; the regular courses in limestone blocks laid one on the other, in orderly fashion, have an almost musical rhythm.

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