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Visiting archaeological sites means above all plunging into a sensory experience. It is our body, in its fullness, which enjoys the experience. If we let ourselves be guided by it, if we listen to it, we can hope to enter into contact with the past thanks to the traces reaching us from other worlds. Each monument, each object created in the past can reach us in the same way as the light from a star extinguished millions, billions of years ago, and of which we today see the reflections in the dark of the night. And here we are in the presence of one of these ‘stars’. An architectural complex consisting of a central keep originally set out on several floors, encircled by four towers linked by a massive curtain wall, then an outer ring of walls and a village. The keep and the subsidiary towers show evidence of different construction techniques. This supports the assumption that the fortress was built in several stages. Near one of the towers archaeologists have found some forty bronze objects: spearheads, fragments of ingots, awls, lance points, axes, blades…They probably belonged to the cache of a metalworker situated in the higher portion of the walls, which then fell to ruins with them. Two silver foil objects have also been found here, one in the shape of a feather. This complex has been dated between the Late and the Final Bronze Ages (1350 – 1150 BC).

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