In the pleasant wood of Selèni, the site of Gennaccili, near the town of Lanusei comprises the remains of a large settlement, including two giants’ graves (megalithic graves), a well and a group of stone huts set at the foot of a rocky outcrop where according to tradition a nuraghe once stood. Archaeologists have actually found that this structure was not a true nuraghe, but rather a construction leaning onto the rocky outcrop, inside which were several small chambers of varying height and connected by steep stairs. The huts too fit in very well with the rocky outcrops. The most interesting hut has a round ground plan with a perimeter bench, niches set in the walls and a trachyte stone basin in the centre. A complex hydraulic system was set under the drainage hole of the basin. Finds from the site have shown that the village was inhabited from the Middle Bronze Age to the start of the Archaic period. Very interestingly, the objects found show that this settlement, despite its location in the interior of the island, was not isolated, but had links with the trade routes which criss-crossed the Mediterranean in the 7th and 6th centuries BC. These links are witnessed, among others, by an Attic oil amphora and by a Phoenician amphora reused in what must have been a kitchen. Both objects have come to light together with many others made locally.

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