Nuraghe Nolza

Meana Sardo

We continue on our journey through the world of the nuraghi, and come upon yet another monument. This is Nuraghe Nolza: a structure consisting of a central keep surrounded by four smaller towers linked by curtain walls. The fortress is surrounded by a vast village stretching over 2.5 hectares.
The central tower today has a residual height of about 13 m.
A close look at the monument’s structural characteristics allows us to note important elements which reveal its history.
The keep, two of the external towers and two sections of the walls are built in semi-squared blocks of schist, whereas the remaining towers and walls are built in polygonal blocks of porphyry. This difference suggests two different construction phases.
Studies – still in progress – have shown that the earliest settlement consisted in a simple stone hut village, dated from about 1600 BC.

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