Nuraghe Appiu

Villanova Monteleone

As always during our journey, the scenery is the first element which catches our attention. The communion between nature and culture penetrates our thoughts and makes us receptive to what we are going to see. Then the complex we are about to visit appears to us. The Nuraghe Appiu, with three outer towers and very ruined with, collapsed walls, yet still reveals its architectural configuration. A sprawling village consisting of some 200 huts. A single-tower nuraghe. A giants’ tomb. Two dolmens. Not far off, a megalithic circle and a megaron temple (rectangular structures with the characteristic front and back extensions known as in antis). The village, which has already undergone excavation, consists of huts, not linked one to the other, with either a circular of quadrangular ground plan. Findings narrate the story of the daily life of the village: amphorae, grind stones, whet-stones, mortars and pestles, mill wheels, shards of flint and obsidian, small bronze sickles, askos jugs, cooking pots and loom weights and spindle whorls. So the huts were dwellings but also workshops for various activities, such as the firing of vases, wool-spinning, cereal grinding and perhaps also religious ceremonies. The complex can be dated some to the early Iron Age (900-800 BC).

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