Monte d’Accoddi


According to a reading of the Mayan Calendar, 12/12/12 was supposed to be the date of the end of the world. Amongst those who chose to believe this prophecy, some must have decided to await that moment right here, at the altar of Monte d’Accoddi. As we approach, it comes into view: a long 40 m ramp brings us to the top of the monument, a trapezoid building of some 6 m of residual height, while originally it maybe rose to 8 m. A second altar structure once probably stood right above the present one. This in turn supported a third altar chamber, with walls and floor decorated in red ochre. All that remains of it are the floor and about 70 cm of wall. Experts disagree as to the original shape of this monument. Some think it was a stepped pyramid-shaped building. Others believe it was a single-storey building. Its life can be divided into two main phases. The first, that of the ‘red temple’ dates from some time round 3000 BC. The second, dated about 2700 BC, saw the ‘red temple’ incorporated in a new structure and the raising of the floor level. To the east of the ramp lies a large flat stone with seven holes which was presumably a table for offerings or perhaps for sacrifices. To the west a menhir more than 4 m in height. Nearby lies a large limestone rock shaped into a spheroid, more than 4 m in circumference: it was maybe used for rites associated with the cult of the sun. The site also has the remains of an Ozieri culture (beaker culture) village, which matches the first phase of the sanctuary’s life.

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