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Archaeology is a very popular subject in Sardinia. The press, TV, politicians, men of culture, laypeople, all seem not only interested, but also well-versed on the subject. And yet that’s not entirely true – archaeology is a complex scientific discipline, whose practice requires specific skills built through a long pathway of work and study, certainly not within the reach of all. This in-depth-knowledge is what is needed to interpret monuments such as the one we are about to visit. We are looking at one of the best-preserved nuraghic towers on the island. It is the keep of a complex nuraghe, 14 m in current height, protected by three towers linked by curtain walls. The central keep has two floors with two rooms set one above the other, still extant. Everything appears to match the typical features of nuraghic architecture: the layout of the chambers, the construction technique, adaptation to the terrain. The hallmark of this building is not its originality, but rather the presence of classic features. And that reminds us that this is indeed the aspiration of culture seen as an ordering practice: a system based more on redundancy than on originality.

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