Giganti di Mont’e Prama  Cabras - Oristano

La sorte ci porta ora in un luogo molto particolare, un luogo che ha atteso duemila ottocento anni per diventare ciò che è oggi: un luogo dell’anima.

Nuraghe Cuccurada  Mogoro - Oristano

While still travelling along State Road 131, the island’s main highway, our glance is caught by Nuraghe Cuccurada. When we reach the site we realise that we are in the presence of a complex architectural feat.

Nuraghe Losa  Abbasanta - Oristano

Not all nuraghic monuments are located in rugged or hard to reach places. Some today stand near major and busy highways. This is the case of the Nuraghe Losa, an impressive fortress, built in regular courses of basalt blocks, consisting of a central keep surrounded by three towers linked by curtain walls.

The ancient city of Tharros  Cabras - Oristano

Words such as city, town and village, which we use to distinguish between different types of settlement, can be misleading.

The Roman Baths of Forum Traiani  Fordongianus - Oristano

Talk about thermal baths, and the atmosphere of ancient Rome is immediately conjured up. Indeed, the baths were a hallmark of the Roman world. The bath complex we are about to visit is close to the River Tirso, amidst idyllic verdant landscape.

Well Temple of Santa Cristina  Paulilatino - Oristano

Along Highway 131, not far from the Nuraghe Losa, we find one of the best-known and most fascinating monuments in Sardinia: the well temple of Santa Cristina.


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